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Infra-Botnia facilitates the realisation of a cross-border network among SMEs in the infrastructure sector. Therefore we provide SMEs in the region with places to meet, seminars and trips.

Reading material for companies

This is where we collect publications (in Swedish and Finnish) of the project Infra-Botnia. The purpose of the reading material is to give companies in the infrastructure/building industry an overview of formal requirements that have to be taken into account before going to work in other Nordic countries and to give them and insight in how to digitalise the business.

News in infrastructure/building

This is where we collect feeds (in Swedish and Finnish) on technical challenges, trends and innovations in the infrastructure/building industry. We target companies in the Kvarken Area, hence we focus on topics that is relevant here, for example how to get access to the more environmental friendly technology.

Contact us

The project Infra-Botnia for regional development is runned by Novia University of Applied Sciences and Umeå University.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or advices regarding internationalisation, digitalisation or if you wish to know more about the project.